Grow your business with Facebook Live

How to attract clients and build your tribe

Facebook Live is one of the most powerful tools to connect with your potential customers and grow your business.

Millions of people are already watching videos on Facebook and in the past year the volume of videos broadcast by Facebook pages have gone up by 50%. Why are live videos so popular?

Facebook Live allows you to reach an audience organically in a way that no other content can.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

1. Your followers get notified when you start your broadcast on Facebook

2. When you encourage people to comment on Facebook, your video's popularity grows within the platform. Comments are one of the interactions with the highest value on the Newsfeed. It's what Facebook calls 'meaningful interactions' which results in your content being exposed to more people.

3. People can invite their friends to join the live video broadcast

4. People love the authenticity and spontaineity of live videos. They like being able to ask questions and get an instant response

Whilst Facebook live is great for most businesses, there are some sectors that are particularly benefiting from getting into it early.

Live video is extremely powerful if you are a:

- Consultant, author, speaker or business coach

- Creative professional, photographer, designer, etc

- Wellness or health therapist, life coach, meditation or yoga teacher

- Founder of your business, which has a strong brand in your name or image

- New brand with innovative services

So what will you learn in this Masterclass?

  • Why live video is the best tool to reach people organically and create a 'tribe' for your business
  • How to prepare yourself to broadcast videos on Facebook
  • To encourage interaction and manage negativity
  • What basic equipment you can use
  • To lose your fear of broadcasting live

*** This masterclass is part of our flagship course 'Master Social Video'. If you are interested in learning more about planning and creating successful video marketing campaigns, take a look at the full course here:

Your Instructor

Pilar Barrio
Pilar Barrio

In her key areas of expertise: video, social media and content marketing, Pilar has advised hundreds of brands looking to cut through the noise in digital. Some highlights from her career to date are:

  • Creating and delivering social video masterclasses to MBA students and executives from London Business School
  • Leading courses for Emeritus Institute of Management supporting professors from Columbia Business School
  • Giving training for the Google Digital Academy since 2016, delivering masterclasses in digital content and advertising, programmatic marketing and mobile strategy
  • Consulting for leading video startup, MOFILM, on their approach to social media
  • Creating the One Young World video campaign for MOFILM in 2017, helping them achieve 1.3M views
  • Managing innovative video content campaigns for Chevrolet Europe during Geneva’s Motorshow in 2011
  • Developing a distribution strategy for the launch of the BBC iPlayer in 2008, with a video that became number 2 on YouTube in the first 24 hours
  • Advising brands like Sony Pictures and PlayStation on how to use platforms like YouTube and Facebook when they were only just becoming popular

Pilar’s style is compelling, straightforward and energising, regularly inspiring listeners into action. In 2014 her mission to help brands unlock the potential of their people led her to found her own business, Barrio Digital, a collective of her most talented peers. She has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, a diploma in Web Design and a membership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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